Wirex Premium Accounts - We need your feedback!

We are in the process of developing our Wirex Premium Accounts to be launched early next year for WXT holders.

What can you look forward to?

  • Premium Wirex Visa card
  • Bespoke merchant offers & discounts
  • Concierge service
  • Airport lounge access
  • Early access to new features

What additional features and services would you like to see?


I personally like the idea of Apple-esque premium packaging :hugs:


I’d like to see fee free Fiat Cards, eg No monthly fees for WXT holders. Then I could have 2-3 Wirex cards to use as I travel. Today just have one Wirex card as other banks charge nothing for their cards.

Premium Cards allow Crypto back for purchases online.

Value of premium cards discount from fees based on $ value, not the number of WXT held.

Cryptoback included on online purchases would be good…

  • Airport lounge access but with +1 Guest

  • Discounts for Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb, Expedia, Booking up to 100%

  • Increased Cryptoback rates (Give us WXT instead of BTC)

Premium Wirex Visa card

Ooh, sweet talk me like that… I - vain creature I am - absolutely adore pointless stuff like that. :stuck_out_tongue:
The discounts would be awesome, too. Especially if, like @mgx said, you could get a discount for something we all use on the daily, like Spotify (alternatives like Tidal would be okay too) or netflix!

Stablecoin Staking to compete with the attached screen shot. I would rather keep my money in an ecosphere than transfer it out to another company to stake as a savings account.


i would like to see

  • fee free card
  • multi currency card without fx fees
  • cryptoback in WXT

Hi, for myself i would like to:
_get cryptoback when i buy some games/stuffs through internet in online videogames like Blizzard BattleNet/Origin/Steam/Uplay.
_add more StableCoins than “only backed to US-Dollar” to Wirex account, like StableCoins backed to gold, diamonds or anything who is NOT US-Dollar.
_Possibility to get a MasterCard AND a VISA Card, because some sellers accept only MasterCard :o
_add some possibilities to own some WXT Masternodes.

_more clarity/details about cryptoback ammount (more details than now)
_more details about current prices of WXT (it seems different than exchanges sometimes)

:kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

So for a monthly cost for Premium I would be really happy to pay if the Card was something really special like a Platinum look or high end.
It’s just a little design work but the look matters.

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Hey there,

  • DCA
  • Metal cards
  • Virtual cards
  • Lending
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hello evrybody,

  • travel assurance
  • multi card crypto and fiat
  • Airport lounge with 1 guest adult and childrens
  • more interesting offer about reward like Crypto.com
  • offer for the holder of Stablecoin, bitcoin etc. Reward like crypto.com

someone here have information about the premium account, article, date etc

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Staking of Wirex tokens in the Premium card Plus higher %cashback win win Situation for company
and users. Online purchase enabled. + P2P transfer free anywhere in the world.

Increase cryptoback depending on often using and amounting of the debits!

Hola a todos Comunidad de Criptomonedas.
Me encanta Wirex. Seguir así ofreciendo vuestros magníficos servicios a la Comunidad.
Estamos encantados. No cambieis.