Wirex price plans - long term price strategy?

So I am trying to understand how this works. You don’t actually pay in EURO, but you pay in WXT. So because WXT fluctuates in price, what you pay in EURO changes as well(?)

If so paying up now is a good deal as the price of WXT is relatively low, BUT what if the price of WXT rises higher than for instance €0,01 (where the current euro prices are based on)? Will there be a limit or new pricing. IF WXT was to rise to €0,10 (big if), you would be paying €99,99 per month for the premium plan. Also staking would become only available for the very rich or early.

So my question is; what are plans at Wirex in dealing with possible rising price of WXT? Maybe stick to EURO pricing? And value staking amount in EURO (like crypto.com)?

I really like more clarity because this is one of the reason why I am reluctant to upgrade to a payment plan. Upgrading is easy, but downgrading apparently not so much according to the fine print.

Hope someone at Wirex can provide more clarity as I am surely not the only one doubting because of the same reason.

While WXT is low it’s the best value to buy a full year at 15% off. 29999 WXT for elite plan. crypto back at 4% should cover the cost of the plan.

Hi @sabarrcom, but my concern is when the price of WXT goes up. It’s ok to a certain degree, but where’s the line strategically? Because the price for the plan will go up in EUR and also, you will get less tokens back through cashback and earn.

If you hold 500,000WXT the interest on the elite plan is 6%(30000WXT) giving you enough to pay for the plan with 1 wxt left over.

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That’s actually a pretty good plan :slight_smile:

For the best returns, put the WXT in Nereus Nereus - Open Source Liquidity Protocol :rocket: