Wirex Services - We demand Respect!

Hi Wirex Team,
I’m sorry to say but, enough is enough!

You (Wirex Team) have asked for investors support for the crowdfunding, stating many plans and future services (like MasterCard) to be offered in a very near future.
What did we (users) did?.. We’ve delivered support and invested on you!!!

But let’s face it… After months with bank/IBAN/transfers issues or unavailable, blocked or locked accounts, or/and almost no replies from costumer support, what do you (Wirex Team) imagine that we are thinking about Wirex??

It has become a sad Joke!!! And you’re playing around with our $€£!

We demand more respect!!! And truthful information! ASAP!!!

If an official and truthfully reply with ALL the real information about what’s going on exactly, regarding all current troubles, doesn’t arrive on the next few days (not weeks!!) I’ll have to move elsewhere, where others provide services that are working.
Like me, many others will follow (if haven’t done already).

Last question:
What is this Mercatox info, mentioned on the Wirex app, since 3 days ago?

Please, I don’t want you to reply to this message.
I want an official Wirex Team information by email, about what in fact is happening. Or a public statement from Pavel Matveev!

Carlos Santos


Hi there Carlos, firstly, thank you very much for this feedback. I will pass it on in full to the team. I completely understand your frustration but please rest assured that Wirex is working on making sure that all proposed plans will be/are, being met.

In regards to the Wirex Mastercard, you should now be able (as an investor) to order it through the app. If you are unable to do so please can you then send me a private message with your Crowdcube email and the email you use for your Wirex account. I will then be able to get the team to sort this out for you.

Thank you

Hi Ali,

Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I can’t help but being frustrated with all this.
I don’t doubt that Wirex team is doing their best, but the lack of truthful information regarding bank accounts, is indeed frustrating and creates untrusting feelings.
Hope to see soon, some real information about what’s going on with Wirex bank accounts.

As you’ve mentioned, I can’t see any option in the Wirexapp to request the MasterCard card. All I can see is my Wirex Visa card.
My Crowdcube and my Wirex email is the same.


Carlos Santos

Teneis la cara como el cemento. Llevo más de dos meses con la cuenta bloqueada sin darme ninguna explicación y con mis fondos retenidos. La cosa es simple, algún problema con mi cuenta? Devuelve mi dinero y después investigais lo que querais. Reclamo que me devolvais mi dinero, no mi cuenta.

#MERCATOX is a contact that was salved on your account for error in sincronization and can’t be deleted. Need maintenance. Full of bug.

Hola @Davincci , ¿puedes enviarnos un mensaje privado para que podamos ayudarte más? Gracias.

A qué dirección quereis que os envie el mensaje?

Hola @Davincci , ¿puedes hacer clic en mi foto de perfil y enviarme un mensaje directo? Gracias

I’ve been waiting 8. 9 months for my wirex card I’ve given up. then there was this message of closing wirex change to Mastercard wirex. so wish there was an app for me to have my own card. oh well guess not. excited for nothing

oh have applied but dnt no wot the heck.

Hello there @Pamela_Bush , I’m sorry for your experience. Please can you send me a private message so that I can assist you further? Thank you