Wirex Shitty Support

Is Wirex support still alive or is it a corpse ?

Every time I open a ticket I receive a mail with:

  • Your request (3XXXXX) has been received by our support team. Your ticket will be assigned and replied soon. If you wish to add additional notes to your query, please reply to this email. Please do not create duplicate requests.

Then I receive always this email:

  • We experienced an unexpected increase in inquiries in the last few weeks.
    It will take us a tad longer to process your request.

Then if I ask for an update I always receive:

  • The ticket you replied to has been closed and is no longer available for modification. If you are still having an issue, please submit a new ticket or contact us via in-app Webchat

This is shitt
Wirex is good only to apply huge commissions to Crypto transfer


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