Wirex to external crypto wallet transactions


Hi, Has anyone had any issues when transfering from Wirex wallet to external crypto wallets?
Sent some ethereum this morning but still not arrived. Is it because Wirex are classed as third party ownership and all transactions are contracted?
Changelly do not accept crypto payments from Wirex, which I found out yesterday.
I have to wait up to 20 business days for my Ethereum to be reversed back to my wallet.
I’m thinking maybe I should stick with my traditional wallets rather than send from Wirex.
Is a good concept for holding but maybe not transferring to external wallets.

If anyones had similar experience I’d like to hear your views.
Note to Wirex: You need to make your clients aware that ‘Changelly’ crypto transfers isn’t compatible with ‘Wirex’.

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It seems to be a reocurring thing.Sending from one contract ot another spells trouble.
It’s about awareness and custoners being inforned. This isn’t just a Wirex problem, it’s a problem for many mnay different services including changelly.
Across the industry, those tgat provide services shoukd educate users that it’s only safe to send crypto to a smart contract, from a normal single user wallet.
That’s not easy because people then ask as to what a normal wallet actually is.


I don’t think I’ll be using Wirex for sending crypto anymore after these first two trials.
I’ll be sticking with my usual methods, which I’ve never had issues with.
My Ethereum is still not arrived in my external Eth wallet, so still chasing.
Thanks for the reply.


Smart Contracts is the problem. this happened to be while sending to Bittrex exchange , they do not accept Smart Contracts ETH.


Yesterday my wirex accounts were blocked. I couldn’t change gitcoins to Euros neither transfer my Bitcoins to Other external bitcoins account.
After 12 hours the problem was be finally resolved and i can manage my wirex accounts as i wish but it was be a very very bad experience


How did you resolve, been trying to get in touch with support but no replies?