Wirex Travel Pack Giveaway #3 - Why do you choose to pay by Wirex?

Wirex Travel Pack Giveaway #3

You’ll be in to win a Travel Pack that will include

1 x Tote Bag
1 x Toiletries Kit Bag
1 x Mobile Phone Cardholder
1 x Luggage Tag

How to Enter:
Hit the ‘Reply’ button and simply let us know why you choose to pay by Wirex.
For example; Is it for the Cryptoback™? Free Wirex to Wirex transfers? The great rates? All of the above? We want to hear your feedback!

:star: BONUS ENTRY :star:

For a Bonus 2x Entries: Tweet why you choose to pay by Wirex and use the hashtags #ItraveltheWorld #IpaybyWirex on Twitter

1 Tweet = 2 x Extra Entries in the Draw

Good luck!

Open Worldwide to all verified Wirex accountholders.

All entries close 16 December 2019.

Winners will be announced 17 December 2019.

Prizes will be mailed out 18 December 2019.


Its the cryptoback of course, but also the easy way to manage it all from the app =)

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Yes, the crypto back on POS purchases has made WIREX my go-to card now.

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For cryptoback, and I like the app

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Cryptoback is awesome.

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100% because of Cryptoback™

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Tutto molto semplice… ritorno di spesa in satoshi e possibilità di gestire al meglio i risparmi

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Mainly for the cryptoback and now enhanced cryptoback with WXT. Also low rates when buying other crypto and with it all being in one place and easy to navigate

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Easy to load, use, works everywhere, cryptoback, low fees, sensational customer support.


I like cryptoback & wirex rates!


Fastest way to buy most popular crypto coins and then spend on a Visa Prepaid with great rewards in BTC


Already open in Thailand and Cryptoback is awesome ! Thanks Wirex

It’s fast, it’s got great rates and supports my favorite currency - Nano. :>
How could I possibly not love Wirex?

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Fast and crypto back

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per il cryptoback per la comodità di utilizzo ma anche per il token wirex che secondo me può darci molte soddisfazioni complimenti a tutto il team!!

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I really like the Wirex. It is really easy to move money from cryto accounts to fiat accounts and to my card to make payments. I can also easily add funds to my crypto accounnts. Excellent product!

Of course the crypto

Cryptoback is great. Just something new! Hope we get the new MasterCard thing soon:)