Wirex update in the new year

Can we have a Wirex crypto roundup please? I enjoyed reading the previous ones it was very good to get an idea of the markets!

Hey there Henry, do you mean our weekly crypto summary? We share that every Friday, so a new one will come out this week. We are also going to be doing a review of the whole year which we will probably share in 2 weeks time. It will look at everything that’s happened in this last year.

Going into the new year, we will continue to do this weekly summary but we also have a few more things up our sleeves, so definitely stay tuned!

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Yes that is right, I have been struggling to find it! I always thing they’re a good read. I’ll have a quick look now! Cheers for the quick reply.


Hi Henry, here is last week’s one…

I will be posting this week’s one later on today.