Wirex Update on referral

Well, I know there are many users waiting for this to happen and posting it here in the community forum as their suggestions to have a better track of the people who signed up on your link. I created this topic so that it can be noticed again by the moderators and admins of wirex community. This will greatly help us monitor our referrals, specially if there are promos that have referral limit, atleast the other referrals can be reserved for the next promotion right?
And also I hope names of referrals will be included in the update so that we can also determine those people . Cause based on my experience, many people are chatting me saying that they signed up thru my link then and that. Then what if you are assisting someone who is not under your link, then of course you manually monitor them and add them to your list, then when you thought you already maximized the limit, (Bonus distribution come) you will later realize that some of them are not under your name. So that would be really disappointing.

This is all just based on my opinion though. Still I tried to assist as many people as I can, specially those newbies who are asking more about wirex. I’m helping them the way I can.

ThanKs Wirex! More power and more rewards :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Yes please, can we track who signed-up and verify their accounts under our referral links so we can guide them on using wirex. Thanks

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4 times YES from me!! Wirex, this is important, lets make it happen!

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