Wirex will take your money for months then when you get it credited back they’ll lock your account

I’ve been having issues with wirex since the 12th of December LAST YEAR I have been in contact over 50 times total (Which I can show evidence of) and everytime one problem gets solved another pops up. I’ve been locked out my account for months, I’ve got over 10k in crypto assets in there. They’re probably waiting for a crash to give me back access to my account. Wirex preventing me from accessing my funds had detrimental affects on me the problems began whilst I was on a flight going to Dubai I landed with £15 and my wirex card and my wirex card got blocked now if i wasn’t with 15 of my friends and business partners what would have happened? If I was by myself Would I have even made it back to England, would I even be alive right now only god knows. For the past 3 months I’ve been unable to vary my crypto portfolio so I’ve been missing out on opportunity’s aswell. Wirex got me living like I’m broke when I have money. I shouldn’t be asking my friends and family for money for over 3 months when I have my own and further to that wirex shouldn’t expect friends and family to offer support like that because not everyone has it. Whoever’s reading this wether it’s a customer, a future customer or even a wirex worker I have one question right now could you survive for the next 3-4 months without any benefits or an income if the answers no I would struggle then now you can see the position I’m in. I’m a freelancer I don’t make money on a salary or at the end of every month I make my money as it comes and at the moment due to a GLOBAL PANDEMIC OUT OF MY CONTROL I’m not making what I usually do. But guess what that should be okay because while o was making money I’ve saved it and now I have over 10k for my emergency fund but wirex took that security from me. I literally can’t pay my rent and my landlords adding all these late fees when I already have the money to pay I just need my bloody account unlocked. This might sound morbid but I’m sure this type of stuff would drive some people to harm themselves or even just give up. I shouldn’t be living like this I’ve earned my right through hard work to live my life to a standard I choose why? Because I’ve made my money to do that NOONE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO STOP THAT.

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