Wirex Word Search

If you’re new to the world of crypto, it can sometimes seem a little scary. And all the incomprehensible terms and acronyms certainly don’t help.

Crypto may be confusing at first, but it doesn’t take long to get your head around it. To help give you a head start, we’ve created our own Wirex wordsearch. How many crypto-related words can you find?

  1. These are usually only accessible to institutional traders due to prohibitively large transaction minimums. The type of trading in question doesn’t take place on a formal asset exchange and requires minimal intermediation. No third parties mean transactions are faster and a lot cheaper. Here’s a bonus hint: we offer these to all of our customers buying and exchanging crypto in the Wirex app…

  2. A subunit of bitcoin and named after the pseudonymous Bitcoin founder. Here’s a hint: we still haven’t found him/her/them yet!

  3. The mandatory process of identifying and verifying customers of financial services, to assess risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Something we take very seriously at Wirex.

  4. Our physical money – coins and notes, metal and paper. Describes government-issued currency not backed by a physical commodity such as gold.

  5. You should know this one. The world’s first loyalty programme to pay out in crypto – exclusive to Wirex. Gives you up to 2% back in WXT for all your spending (online and in-store).

  6. A buzzword that’s used even outside the crypto space these days, yet often leads to confusion. It essentially describes “blocks” of digital information stored in a decentralised public database (AKA the “chain”). The data isn’t controlled by any central authority and can’t be altered either. Anyway, we’ve given you enough hints for this one!

  7. When a cryptocurrency reaches its highest ever price. Gives you a similar feeling to winning a pub quiz.!

  8. Our very own cryptocurrency designed to both help reward customer loyalty and integrate the Wirex platform with the new generation of decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystems.

  9. Nope, not a fridge. This is a way of storing your crypto offline. The idea is to prevent hackers, who could potentially access your crypto in a traditional wallet with your private key.

  10. An individual or entity who holds significant amounts of crypto. With so much in their wallet, they’re able to manipulate currency valuations. Fun fact: only 100 wallets contain 31% of all bitcoin.

Did you get them all? Share your answers in the comments section below.

We will be back in a week’s time to share the answers with you! Good luck!

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Here we go:

  1. OTC
  3. KYC
  4. FIAT
  6. FUD
  7. ATH
  8. WXT
  10. WHALE

I see you had nothing to do @ChienChien_Wirex )))


Did you get them all? If there are any you missed or couldn’t figure out, find the answers here:

  1. OTC rates

  2. Satoshi

  3. KYC

  4. Fiat money

  5. Cryptoback™

  6. Blockchain

  7. ATH

  8. WXT

  9. Cold Storage

  10. Whale