Wirex's Status Page on ETH processing

There are some issues with processing ETH transactions, the team is aware and are working on it as we speak. You can keep up to date with our Status Page here:


Thank you

Is it possible to cancel transactions stuck in “processing”, to at least convert that ETH into a non-ERC20 token (e.g. Bitcoin) and transfer it that way to a different address?

If it’s in the pending state it should revert back. But the best thing to do is contact the support team so they can give you an accurate time. So sorry for any inconvenience caused.

My ETH transfer to an external address has been stuck in the “Processing” state for about 36 hours.

I already contacted customer support yesterday, I was told to wait for updates. But that was over 24 hours ago… Not cool.

No updates on the status.wirexapp page in the past 24 hours, for such a critical issue… Not cool at all.

Could Wirex at least unlock our ETH/ERC20 funds stuck in these transactions please + cancel the transactions, until this issue is resolved?

Hmmm. Unresolved issue since Sep 01, 2021.