Withdrawal issue

Hello @Minhthao23, as we can see, our Support team has explained the issue, unfortunately, we do not have additional information on this case. Regards!

I feel the same

Everyone has to earn back what you lost in this place.

I come to supermarket buy some food… But lock account 8 months more… :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

@Yuliia_Wirex Why is the deposit successful, but the withdrawal is blocked, they asked me to change another wallet, I changed 5 e-wallets but still blocked, scam.

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I m come to supermarket buy some food :stew: but wirex staff tell me (This is illegal)

Why Wirex​:-1: dont call police. :cry:I want ask Police

This is illegal???

same issue. my USD4000 is lost!!
I withdrawal from X-account, then failed and the money disappeared!


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Your company is offending customers now. I want to talk about it. . . . You have checked the events of wirexcard in many many places. . .

Is it useful to just block customer posts? ? ? ?

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Hv the dame feel

Supermarket buy some food is illegal :sob::sob:

Lock account 8 months more… :cry: :cry: :cry:

Anyone hv call police???

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:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::cry::cry::cry:Im waiting Wirex 8 month more…

Why i come to supermarket to buy some food is illegal :sob:.

Everyone will call police???

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Hi @Koo! I am sorry if any misunderstanding has taken place. The only thing stated in the message was that it would be illegal for me to discuss any personal details of yours on the community forum. Please, also clarify what issue are you trying to resolve.

@Minhthao23 We are sorry for this experience. The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

@Danny_Kam We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please, check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

I didn’t received your reply from the “relevant department”. I’m still waiting. I think that is an bug or a connection issue, it should not spend too long time.

Hello @Danny_Kam, once we have an update on your case - Our Support team will contact you. Regards!

Any update? I just want my money back!

Hi mate, have you made sure to include wirex fees in transaction, if they cant charge exchange fees it will fail

I do exchange regularly and dont face any issues if done correctly, my exchanges are almost instant or up to few minutes delay. If you contacted support i am sure they would have contact you within day or two if they are busy. I am pretty much doubtful that your issue is sincere

@Danny_Kam The issue has been forwarded to our Support team. Please, note that you will be updated via email as soon as possible.

Kind regards!

Did you check another person can receive what you trying to send, correct information?
When you try to withdraw is it correct currency that you are trying to take, does ATM have enough cash, have you got enough funds to withdraw? Double check everything it will work

Are you replying me?

If you were serious to read my reply, you will know that I withdraw money from my x-account to my normal account. There’s no fee to be charged. I have reported to Wirex with evidence. Now my money is absolutely disappeared with no doubts.

what is happening. They say my account is about to be blocked