Withdrawal issue

Did you check another person can receive what you trying to send, correct information?
When you try to withdraw is it correct currency that you are trying to take, does ATM have enough cash, have you got enough funds to withdraw? Double check everything it will work

Are you replying me?

If you were serious to read my reply, you will know that I withdraw money from my x-account to my normal account. There’s no fee to be charged. I have reported to Wirex with evidence. Now my money is absolutely disappeared with no doubts.

what is happening. They say my account is about to be blocked

Hello @Danny_Kam, the relevant team is working on your request, and as we can see, our Support team has recently updated you regarding this. Have a nice day!

What is happening here sir

Ticket: 1017513

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Hello mam i suggest withdraw once a day , and please check our status status.wirexapp.com

Hello @TC_Gaming, first of all, we kindly ask you to avoid spamming on the Community forum since it’s a violation of our T&Cs. As we can see, our Support team has updated you already on this matter, please check it out. Regards!

What does this sentence mean? Please explain :pray:

Failed withdraw?

Any sloution for this case?

Hi @BCS75LOVEnija2021! Please, clarify your issue so that we can address it.

Hi @Ngo_Tung! We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please, check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

Dear Maryna _Wirex Support as know one has seen fit to reply to me I’m going to ask! Some idiot claims that my situation has been resolved yet I see no evidence of the claim being true my account is still permanently closed I still have no refund no one is giving me anything but automated updates that are not true! I have turned over every scrap of information I have! And yet I am still penniless! Just what is going on that I would receive information from last June which was not even requested! Way to go making it worse for me!
Regards Francis Flynn Gannon

Hello @6355, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Let me kindly inform you that I have forwarded this case to our relevant team. They will contact you via the ticket shortly.

Still no reply.
Now I know how Wirex earn money. Our savings is your profit.

Hello @Danny_Kam, I am sincerely sorry to hear about this. I have just escalated your request to our support team and they will provide you with an update asap. Best regards!

I have the same type of issue as everybody from this topic, I can’t withdraw my XRP from WIREX account. I’m waiting for REAL support and FAST solving this problem, and don’t please don’t copy-paste your typical answers, If you’re really working on the problems with your service, we can get in touch and solve this together, at least you SHOULD let us know what is going on with our funds. Hope for an answer, I’m waiting.
Ticket: 1633776
Issue: Can’t withdraw my XRP for a long time
Email: mxrcoin3@gmail.com

i need help with this big issue. im having withdrawal/transfer problems its always failing?

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