Withdrawal question

How much are you allowed to withdraw per day.I’ve just withdraw about £2900 and am trying to withdraw £480 but am not going through with my second withdrawal

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I’ve been testing out my Wirex account.

I emptied out all my LTC to an external address.

There are two points that bother me a little.

  1. Under “Recent Activity” the removing of LTC to my external address isn’t listed (tho the account is shown as empty)

  2. Once the removal instruction was set and the account shown as empty, there was no sign the transaction was actually taking place. Would the Transaction ID be available somewhere to verify the transaction progress?

The lack of being able to check transaction progress (via Transaction ID) makes me nervous of doing anything significant.
Am i missing info in the app somewhere? … or is the ability to track progress actually missing?

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Hi @Tenjoe,

I can see, that the transfers failed due to a technical issue on the third-party side. They are already working on resolving the case.

You can check all the limits here: Fees & Limits | Wirex

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Inna you are a good person, I thank you for helping me with my verification but my team is going to suspend using Wirex till something is done. And Wirex will feel it like they did to me.

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Hi @mijj_mijj,

May I ask you to provide your support ticket so we could check the details?

Thank you in advance!

Technically, the transaction completed without a problem.
My enquiry isn’t about the particular transaction. It’s a general question about being able to track the progress of withdrawing crypto from Wirex.

I would prefer a Transaction ID when withdrawing crypto so i can check progress independently instead of waiting an indeterminate length of time while hoping there isn’t a problem.

My actual question is: when withdrawing crypto, does Wirex make a Transaction ID available?
If so … where would i find it? If “no”, then, well, too bad.

Wish you well with Wirex, they took a month to verify my account with BS excuse, am thinking Wirex is not what it use to be am not going to use them till they change their support team they are a waste of time they make me experience the worst Christmas and new year of my life they should realise that there is a lot of crypto card out there if they are slipping to the bottom they will have to pay the price for that I’ve told everyone in my team to suspend using Wirex and they will feel the heat trust me. Good luck with your adventure with them


Hello @Tenjoe, I am sincerely sorry for the delayed update.

As I can see in our database, the issue is already resolved now. Could you please check it from your end as well?

Best Regards!

Dear @mijj_mijj, thank you for your clarification.

Kindly note that the transaction ID should be specified on your account. If it’s not listed, please create a request here: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account and our support team will be glad to resolve this for you.

Thank you in advance!

oh yes! … i see it.

So … oops … i don’t understand why i didn’t find it as the transaction was taking place. Clumsy searching i guess.

Does the information under “sent” appear as soon as the instruction to send is made … or does it appear only after the transaction is completed?

… i’m assuming i just didn’t look properly while the transaction was underway … but i want to make sure.

Hi @mijj_mijj,

I have sent you an update via the support ticket. Please check your mailbox.

Best wishes!

Hi there, I’m new to wirex, can anyone point me into the right direction of what I need to be doing? I have verified my account successfully, i just don’t know what or how to use my account. I even put money into my wirex and withdrew it and it gave me 100 satoshis, and i claimed the satoshis and now i’m left with 99 satoshis left. What am I supposed to be doing? All i’ve been doing is exchanging the money i have in my wirex account from my country of currency to BTC or to ETH then back to my country of currency :woman_facepalming:t4: Is that even right? I keep getting emails to exchange to BTC and that’s when I exchange from whatever currency it’s sitting in lol. Please help a sister out

Hello @maria1811, thank you for your request!

Have you created a support ticket for this particular issue? If yes, could you please provide us with your reference ticket number? If not, you can fill one out here Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account

Best Regards!