Write ‘problem solved’ or ‘problem don’t solved req.xxxxxxxx’ no need detail

Problem solved.

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I get your point! …although I think some of what you try to say sometimes gets lost in translation!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Glad you’re back on #wirex-investors team!

I’ve just been looking through the various topics and there seems to be no way to tell whether somebody’s problem has been solved or not. It’s really rubbish!

I believe the post should be deleted or moved to a “problem solved/archived” topic once dealt with by @wirex support?

There is however this thread: Support Inquiry Escalation Thread which I assume is supposed to take care of these “lost cases”. Unfortunately, it seems to be hit and miss whether users find it or the post gets moved here.

Perhaps also encouraging users to “archive/delete” posts requesting support would clean up the forum.

Maybe if Investor Support Team were to ask on relevant (unanswered) posts “has this been solved to your satisfaction” to posts and if not solved raise a ticket on users behalf or help user to get support?

Don’t forget the Feedback/Suggestions thread, for ideas like this though, just creating loads of topics and threads makes life even more difficult for the admins to manage stuff :wink:

@Ali_Wirex FYI