Wrong destination, tag

Hello, can you help me fix my sent fund? I sent 17xrp to my wirex account using coins.ph but I accidentally sent it to wrong destination tag, I accidentally added zero in the end of my destination tag.

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Sad to hear , it cannot reversible mam.

once its recorded in blockchain it cannot be undone.

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Really? I actually contact the Contact Us in the app and the agent told me that they will sent an email according for this matter.

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good !

uhm. lets wait for their decision if thats the matter mam.

Hoping your funds will sent back to you :hugs:

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This in my own opinion also.

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How could it be sent when the address is mine and only the last number of the destination tag is wrong? There’s should be a poped up error for that.

Anyway thanks. Just hoping that the email will have positive.

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Where can I find the submit ticket button?

Hope so. wish you luck :hugs::pray:

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You can create one here

Thank you!

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@krisam2525 Happy to Serve You mam :slight_smile:

Goodmorning and Goodnight :sleeping::hugs:
Have a nice day.

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you are from USA???

Hello @krisam2525, I am sorry for your experience.

Could you please provide us with the reference ticket number? We will be glad to escalate this for you.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @krisam2525,

Your case has been escalated to the Support team. They will contact you shortly. It’s highly recommended to delete/edit your previous post as it contains your personal information. Please note that the community forum is a public page and this is not secure to post your personal details in the topic.

We appreciate your understanding!

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I suggest mam to remove/edit because its public community.

its not safe to post public information of yours.

Okay, deleted already. Thanks


Thank you :slight_smile:

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