WXT: because now the minimum to be exchanged is 28000?

thanks, but it was not necessary, I don’t know if the 30 English working days have already expired.

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Because wirex is have numerous customer to talk everyday to solved there case one by one.

I’m sorry for your situation right now but support team will do their best to all of you.

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WAY after 30 working days. Still NO bonus received.

NO bonus received.
NO bonus received.
NO bonus received.
NO bonus received.

Mail recevied. “still under processing, please be patient!”

WAY delayed bonus for AVAX, LUNA and referral bonus.

WAY delayed WAY delayed WAY delayed WAY delayed

@Mactone Unfortunately, we have experienced certain technical difficulties, which are currently being looked into by our technical team. We hope for a quick resolution and we are sorry for this situation.

now it is about 250-300$ (around 37,5kwxt)

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yes the minimum now is $300

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any ideas, why does this happen? changing min trx amount from 50usd to 300usd in a few weeks isn’t a small thing for the users. what is it good for? where does does it lead to? where will it end?

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Raising minimum like this is not exactly user or customer friendly :pensive:

Hi Wirexers :wave:
I hope that you all are ok.

I know that these changes are not necessarily welcome, but the TOS clearly mentions that Wirex can modify/alter its services without prior notice. By opening an account and using the services of Wirex, we expressly accept its conditions.

I myself am confronted with this but I understand that Wirex does it following the LUNA affair and the fall of cryptocurrency in general. It’s about preserving the price of WXT and its ecosystem as much as possible, otherwise everyone withdraws their funds and it would be a disaster.

I hope you will understand with this point of view. :+1:


So it’s to preserve the price of WXT? Do users want to dump it now (as the minimums are going up rapidly)? Is there something wrong with the price of WXT? Is it a way to manipulate the price?

Please be careful with such explanations as it raises more questions than clarity.

WXT is the native utility token of Wirex. In order to be more useful hence more attractive to own and use, it SHOULD be more liquid and user-friendly as it is part of way Wirex has it’s own token.

With minimum rising like this it’s appeal will decline as it will become unusable to the majority.

So Wirex, please address this.

I think it’s best for the community if Wirex completely disables the withdrawal and selling of WXT coins in bear markets. WXT to the moon!!!

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50->150-›300?what is the next? About 1000? What is propose to increase min exchange amount? 300 is not small amount in wxt token attually


hope its get back on $150

@Kenko_wirex We are sorry for any of the inconveniences caused by these changes. We hope for a fruitful cooperation in the future.

you did not addressed me, but what do you want to say?
If you had not said anything it would be the same way useful.
You did not addressed our concerns, nor did you answered any questions.
Nothing helpful in your post.
Why is the minimum-wxt-withdrawal changed from 50$ to 300$ so quickly?

Yes we know, you are allowed to do this, because it is in the TOS. There are hundres of possibilities in the TOS you can do - and we had to agree - but no one wants you to do this. Exactly like freezing accounts and money until you get your work done. NO exchange does it that way and they all have to handle the same regulation issues. You can also abandon stellar-chain without announcing until it is too late. That is in the TOS. For sure. But again. Nobody wants that. Just we have to agree to this TOS does not mean that we agree with you behavior. And it is bad behavior. You are acting like you have to much customer and want to get rid of it.

Nobody answers the questions here.
Why do you do change minimum wxt-withdrawal? “because we can” is correct, but not the answer to the question. if it were just to prevent panic-selling it would have changed back to 50$ days ago. Panic is long enough over. And it would have been bad behavior though.
What happens to our X-Account-Money in case of Coinbase bankruptcy? - no Answer…
When will transaction history be downloadable as CSV? - often asked for. Never answered.


We hope it’s all back in $150 :pleading_face:

What happening to yours

@Isabella_Sasha We are sorry this issue has occurred for you. Please provide us with the ticket number so that we can escalate your case further. Best regards!