WXT exchange limits

Guys, why are you not making 1.000.000WXT as minimal amount to be exchanged to Eur/spendable crypto? Why are you just making minimal amount something like 9k, 15K, now 32K WHT. Make cashback totally useless right now.

Thanks. Hope you understand idony and will stop making your services not attractive at all

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My 1200 USDT transfer out from WireX to an external wallet has been pending since 11/5 (Wed). No matter how I contacted the staff of WireX online, the reply was just asking me to wait without provide a reason. I am about to quit WireX ssoonest if this situation persists. Now my money has been unresonably detained. What should I do? Should I go to UK police to make a report?

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will considered it sir

hi please create a ticket here Wirex | Making currencies equal and available to everyone

I have created ticket(s) for this issue since 11/5 (Wed) and noe 16/5 (Mon). I wonder how many tickets I should create in order to work things out. What happened to WireX nowadays? Enjoying detaining the money of its customer(s)?