WXT Giveaways- CNY Edition #1 🧧 - Answer a simple CNY related question!

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Right, we are here to give out some red packets in this new year of Rat. To win our Wirex Card with SGD 10 worth of WXT, simply create an account with us and answer the following question!

What do the oranges and tangerines symbolise during Lunar New Year?

Image by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

We will pick two winners and announce it shortly after.

All the best!
Winners will be announced on February 4, 2020
All winners will have to apply for the Wirex Travelcard by February 7, 2020 to get the WXT rewards.

tangerines symbolise wealth, oranges are a symbol of good luck

Two of the most common food symbols of the Chinese New Year are tangerines and oranges . Whereas tangerines represent wealth, oranges are a popular symbol of good luck. … Oranges and tangerines are a traditional favorite, though, and can also represent happiness and abundance, as in an abundant harvest.

tangerines symbolise wealth, oranges are a symbol of good luck

The pronunciation of tangerines and auspicious in Chinese is similar so ppl congratulate each other with tangerines.

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Mandarino :arrow_forward: Fortuna :partying_face:

Tangerines represent wealth, while oranges symbolise good luck

tangerines - wealth, oranges - good luck

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