WXT Giveaways- CNY Edition #2 🧧 - Let's talk about the different cultures for Lunar New Year

And nope, we are not done sharing the joy and love.

Do you know that in Singapore, people have hotpot for reunion dinners and Chinese salty-sweet dried meat (Ba-Kwa) as a snack. However, in other regions such as Taiwan, Korea, China and Hong Kong, there are different snacks.

Share with everyone where you are based at or spending LNY at, and your understanding of different countries’ LNY goodies! The most creative answer wins a Wirex Card with SGD 10 worth of WXT
Bonus: Take a picture of your favourite snack!
_General Chat Post - 2nd February - 2

Sample answer: I live in HK and we eat rice cakes!
Sample answer 2: I live in SG and I have a weak spot for love-letters snacks!

All the best!
Winners will be announced on February 4, 2020
All winners will have to apply for the Wirex Travelcard by February 7, 2020 to get the WXT rewards.

I live in Taiwan and we eat sunflower seeds.