WXT has been reduced without my knowledge


When do you intend to reply and give back my WXT it has been 3days since this happened.

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Hi @Justin_Sancio :wave:
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Hmm, that’s quite embarrassing… It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.

As you have already raised a ticket, you should receive a response from support very soon. In any case, rest assured that your WXT are not lost!

Do not hesitate to give news here if your balance returns to normal in the meantime.

Thank you!


@Justin_Sancio We have forwarded this inquiry to our Support team. You will be contacted by them via email. Thank you for your patience. We hope for a quick resolution of your case.

I pointed this out happening to me to support in April and haven’t heard anything since apart from we are looking into it

@moderators will solve your concern bro and you will get a reply via email

Sad :frowning: my fault for not reading terms and conditions but can someone enlighten me on this matter why is it almost 56% of my WXT has been deducted instead of 25% deduction?

@jonh We are sorry this issue has occurred for you. Please provide us with the ticket number so that we can escalate your case further. Best regards!

@Justin_Sancio We see on our side that you have already been updated via email. Please check your mailbox including the SPAM folder just in case.

I replied to you privately

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