WXT incentive and growth

What ideas or incentives do you think wirex can come up with, to help WXT to grow?



Wirex is already doing this through contests, for example this one:

Winners get WXT which provides incentive and growth.

If you can think of a way without competition, Wirex could offer airdrops through different means, perhaps ?

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Perhaps a service that can only be accessed with wxt. With that, a need for wxt arises and thus increase in worth.

BTW, I just read the 5 reasons to invest in wirex email and I really like the reward 2.0 part (about earning APR for holding wxt). That’s good for the value of wxt.

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Yes correct, it is good for WXT.

The benefits of this type increase engagement. The most important thing for there to be the incentive is to offer this without having WXT holding mandatory for vital services, otherwise there is no incentive.

In any case, holding WXT is good for users because there are already good advantages.

What are the benefits of purchasing WXT?

WXT has a number of material benefits. Customers will be able to unlock premium features and save on fees, and will also benefit from enhanced Cryptoback™. These include:

Discount on fees – active from pre-sale
500,000 WXT – 100% discount
100,000 WXT – 50% discount
50,000 WXT – 25% discount

  • All exchange fees
  • Bank transfer fees
  • Withdrawal fees (crypto transfers)
  • Top up via credit and debit card

Coming soon:

  • Monthly management fees (card)
  • ATM fees
  • Swift transfer fees

Cryptoback – active from September

  • 500,000 WXT– 1.50 % in BTC
  • 100,000 WXT – 1.00% in BTC
  • 50,000 WXT – 0.75% in BTC

Other features being developed for 2020:
Premium Wirex Visa card
Bespoke merchant offers and discounts
Concierge service
Airport lounge access
Early access to new features

Idea: Wirex could provide the option of getting a customizable card and in different materials (e.g. metal).

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Hi, I’m a little confused about the benefits you get comparing the current Visa and the new Mastercard owning Wtx… Will it be the same?E. g. With Visa you’ll get maybe free monthly fee… But with Mastercard isn’t it a standard feature?
And the Visa Premium? I personally own Wtx and hope them to rise in value… Despite of the users benefits why not going to bigger exchanges?