WXT’s big birthday weekend has begun!

To celebrate WXT turning one, we’re hosting some exclusive giveaways this weekend. It’s going to be a big one - here’s what’s going on.

Firstly, for one weekend only, we’re bumping up WXT holders with a minimum of 10,000 WXT in their wallets to receive the benefits of the tier above. These benefits include enhanced Cryptoback™rewards - that’s up to 1.5% BTC back when you use your Wirex card in-store, and up to 100% discount on fees, including exchange fees and bank transfer fees.

  • Hold 10,000 - 49,999 WXT → Bump up - Benefits of Tier 1 (25% fee discount, 0.75% Cryptoback™ rewards)
  • Hold 50,000 WXT-99,999 WXT --> Bump up - Benefits of Tier 2 (50% fee discount, 1.00% Cryptoback™ rewards)
  • Hold 100,000 WXT-499,999 WXT --> Bump up - Benefits of Tier 3 (100% fee discount, 1.5% Cryptoback™ rewards)

Sound too good to miss? Buy now if you’re not already holding at least 10,000 WXT and get a taste of what life could be like a tier up - you may not want to come back down.

And there’s more. For those of you suffering from travel blues and itchy feet, the second part of our birthday bonanza is for you. We’re giving away an enormous £1,000 travel voucher to a lucky Wirexer who buys 10,000 WXT or more today or tomorrow.

That’s one hell of a birthday celebration.

Check out the T&Cs below and good luck!


For full details please see HERE