WXT staking and FX fees

On Wirex website there is info about discounts when account holds 100/500k of WXT tokens.

Are this discounts apply to FX fees when I make purchase by Wirex card not in card’s currency?

@vvv I hope this helps. You will receive discounts on exchange related fees when it applies.

Thanks, I’ve seen this page before, but I posted here to ask exactly, applies this discounts especially to FX fees when card-paying by non-card currency, or not.

As I understand, there two kinds of FX fees in Wirex actually. First one - when you exchanging money from one fiat currency in your Wirex account to another. Second one is card payment in other currency, and this is what I trying to ask about.

Hello @vvv, thank you for your request.

Let me kindly advise you that you can find more information on the following link: https://wirexapp.com/help/article/wxt-faqs-0125

There are no discounts on transactions in a foreign currency. The fee for such payments is 3% of the transaction value.

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