WXT Value why soo low?

Hi guys, anybody knows what is going on with WXT… I supposed they would climb after the split on Eth… Tonight the value dropped to 0,002 euro…and also no recover in sight… Don’t get me wrong I’a holder and wish I could buy em to that extreme low price as I hope one day someone will find out that the coin is undervaluated… What about listing the coin on mayor exchanges?

1)Circulating supply passed from 3.6mld to 4.05 mld
2)No best otc rates if you try to exchange it is about 3-4%
3)No SC🎣M for UK customer
4)No live chat
5)No sepa transfer
6)No X-account
7)Promotion don’t work and being payable after 30 days
8)Workers being payed with wxt and they preferred euro or dollar
9)No support like you see in forum
10)No sense to hold WXT
11) @moderators
12)Low limit for transaction
13)Absurd blockchain fee for transfer
14)when bitcoin up WXT is down and when bitcoin is down wxt is down if you are down buy wxt like me…
15)fake promises
16)market full of first mover now Wirex is follower
17)auto-tokenization of us euro actually if you had euro in your account it is not real fiat but EURW token
18)No USA lunch
19)Full of legal problem
20)nobody use MasterCard for spend crypto
21)… if you want add some point of problem @Anthonio
22)3,5m users inexistent
23)Trust is 3,2 point on 5
24) :skull:
25)investors without any benefits
26)wirex think the world is stupid and don’t know crypto


Initial offering price was 0.01 and from 2019 only recession and no compensation :cry:

I’m scared … again … Someone is on top again … Pyramid


Another DeFi hack maybe… 1inch X WXTpool been plundered?

I can’t even log into the app…and the OTP email confirmation doesn’t seem to be working either…?

Yes, the same here! Wirex App login is not working!
Let’s hope for a quick recover! :neutral_face:

Hello all.

Same here.

It looks like it is fixed now. Check on your side.

Yes, confirm! Here in Europe fixed working now! :blush:

DAI is not working on my side

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Omg loose all money with this wxt, only down(((
And yes Wirex don’t advertise to buy it;)

They adding live chat in app!?

Maybe yes… I still hope That one day all issues will be solved and all promises come true…and also WXT get listet on big exchanges and go up to 1 euro /usd…


Pourquoi Wirex ne procède pas à un brulage du jeton ?

Toutes les plateformes brûle leur jeton pour augmenter le prix…

Réponse svp ?

Bonjour @Yass1213, le jeton WXT est un jeton utilitaire. Par conséquent, il sert un objectif au sein de l’écosystème Wirex. Quant aux autres sociétés censées brûler leurs pièces, je ne suis moi-même pas en mesure de commenter les protocoles des autres sociétés. La raison pour laquelle certaines personnes décident de se lancer dans la cryptographie est de soutenir une pièce/jeton en laquelle elles croient et pas seulement pour les gains potentiels qu’elles pourraient recevoir. Bien sûr, c’est évidemment un joli bonus quand ça arrive :relaxed:. Merci et tout le meilleur.

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Yes but if it is just an utility coin it should be a stable coin. Not a continuous drop value Coin.

Finally there are movements ))

I hope you bought the dip :wink:

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Well Elon did it once again… Shameless that a tweet can get such a high impact on our utility token…down again :confused:…well I propose WXT as stable coin… What about 1 wxt=1000$:rofl:

-All market are in Gain and only Wirex are in Pain (too much selling from Wirex)
-you know what is the utility from token in crypto market? Make money so if Wirex don’t understand this is loose of money.l and 12% of APR don’t compensate us loose.
-compensate holders or burn some wxt.