X - account problem

Hi wirex! What has happened to the 12% and 16% variable AER options in the X - account section? I have an existing x account that is set to 12% v AER, but i tried to open another x account today and I was only able to select 4%AER…

Please explain

@ErBo Please, find all the relevant information on this matter in the link below:

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Hi ErBo
This may help

Are there changes being made to X-Accounts and how will that affect my current earnings?

Any existing X-Accounts opened before the launch of X-tras “boosted tiers” will remain at the original variable rate AER until the 1 year anniversary of that X-Account opening.

For example, if a Standard Entry-level user opened an X-Account on September 1, 2021, they will continue to receive 6% AER (10% in WXT) on crypto accounts and 12% AER (16% in WXT) on fiat accounts until 23:59 on August 31, 2022. After this time, the X-Account will revert to the new variable rate reflective of which plan / boosted tier the user has.

Any new X-Accounts opened after the launch of X-tras 2.0 will have the AER reflective of the user’s plan / tier.

originally from FAQs- X-tras 2.0