😃 X-Accounts now available for all tokens!

You might not know this, because previously X-Accounts were only available for a handful of tokens. It became even more impressive. Not only can you earn industry-best interest rates with them, you can now open them in any of our 30+ supported cryptocurrencies!

That’s almost too much choice, we know.

In case you need any other reasons to open an X-Account, here’s a quick recap of why they’re so great.

  • Thanks to our recent X-tras overhaul, X-Accounts now generate up to 20% AER on selected currencies / cryptocurrencies - simply upgrade your price plan and boost your tier to get the highest rate!

  • They let you take full control of your funds - add as little or as much as you like, and withdraw it whenever you want.

  • You won’t pay any fees for set up, maintenance or withdrawals.

  • Your interest is accumulated daily and paid weekly.

  • X-Accounts employ advanced safety measures for maximum security of your funds.

Note: X-Accounts opened in stablecoins earn the same interest rates as fiat currency X-Accounts.

So, ready to see what’s on offer?
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Very interesting!

But withdrawal of 1200 USDT has been pending for 5 days. Will you promote this fact as well? Here is my case:

My 1200 USDT transfer out from WireX to an external wallet has been pending since 11/5 (Wed) and now it is 16/5 (Mon, I guess more days will come). No matter how I contacted the staff of WireX online, the reply was just a stereotype, asking me to wait without providing a reason. I am about to quit WireX soonest if this situation persists.

Now my money has been unresonably detained. What should I do? Someone asked me to create a ticket for it. I can tell I have already created ticket(s) since Day 1. I wonder how many tickets I should create in order to work things out.

I am so disappointed in WireX. I guess no one is willing to have his/her property kept by WireX for unresonably long.

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Hi @Anthonyloky :wave:

I sincerely apologize for that. I see you have already been answered below:

I know it’s unpleasant, but don’t worry, Wirex support will get back to you as soon as your case is processed.

Thank you for your understanding!

How would you know WireX is processing it rather than planning a take the money and leave this scam?

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May you cancel my withdrawal request? It has been pending for 6 days too long. I have enough for your scam.


youll get a reply sir via email that the pending was refunded to your account