X-tras 2.0 is HERE

X-tras 2.0 just activated to my account and I’m guessing to everyone else too.
Now, I would like to ask what will happen to the already activated x-accounts providing 16%? It will change automatically the AER or can we keep it as it is?

Here is the new X-tras 2.0

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Hey @108 thanks for this query! So, in terms of your current X-account (the one before 2.0) that will stay the same for 1 year from the date you first opened the account. The % will then change depending on the X-tras (2.0) plan you are on.

I will also be posting FAQs dedicated to X-tras 2.0 tomorrow which will answer all the general questions. But please feel free to get in touch again if you have any additional queries.

Thank you!


Do you get interest for those WXT staked in Xtra 2.0?

Please respond on whether the locked (e.g staked amount of 500,000WXT and above) amount receives interest. Thanks.

Hey guys, yes you get a savings bonus on your WXT. Please see FAQs here… FAQs- X-tras 2.0
There you will see the tiers laid out and within those please see where it says “WXT Savings Bonus” for % on each level. Thank you

Hey i just received my saving bonus today and i can confirm that I DO NOT RECEIVE interest on those staked! i should have kept them in nereus.finance

hey there @Gim_Koon_Koh can you please create a support ticket and send the reference number to our support channel here on the forum? They will help you. Thank you

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I send email to suppot@wirex.com but i did not received any reply regarding the saving bonus.

Created a support ticket no #1359259

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Hi @Gim_Koon_Koh thank you for sending this over. I see that @ChienChien_Wirex is already following up this ticket number with the support team. They will contact you directly via your email. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you

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