X-tras: August’s Feature of the Month

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The X-tras programme is August’s worthy winner of Feature of the Month!

But what makes it so deserving of the title? To put it simply – its unbelievably high levels of rewards.

Each of its three price plans consists of different tiers, so you can boost your rewards as high as you like. How? Just by locking a minimum amount of WXT for 180 days.

Yes, that’s all it takes to unlock sky-high rates of Cryptoback™ rewards and X-Accounts interest – we’re talking as much as 8% in WXT and 20% AER respectively.

Standard & Premium users

Ready for a taste of these top-tier rewards? Upgrade your plan in-app, then boost your perks by locking WXT!

Ultimate users

Ready for a taste of these top-tier rewards? Boost your perks by locking WXT today!

Why lock WXT?

Locking WXT is your key to unlocking the very best rates and becoming a Wirex VIP.

All you need to do is lock a certain amount of WXT in your X-tras account for a period of 180 days. That’s it – you’ll immediately start earning boosted perks!

Here’s how to get started:


*Read the X-tras T&Cs here.

Speaking from personal experience,is a great chance of savings!:ok_hand: