XML transferred to wirex but not to my wallet

Hi, I’m new here. I installed WireX today onto my mobile phone and transferred my cryptocurrencies from my Exodus app.
All transfers were successful bar one, Stellar XLM. I transfered as I normally did but when I copied my WireX Stellar address it was a Federation address which was ‘mynickname*wirex(fullstop)me’
I used this address in my Exodus app but it didn’t recognise the address.
So I tried the Stellar Lumens address in my WireX app which was recognised.
I continued with the transfer which was simply to press continue if I agree with everything. I acknowledge that I agreed with the transfer, the Exodus app went into a loading screen and then the XLM was sent.
I opened my WireX app and never saw any activity like the other cryptos that I had sent to it so I started looking into how to receive those XLM which brought me to this site.
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards, Sanz.

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