Xrp destination tag

Hi im having trouble with receiving my xrp from my trust wallet to my wirex xrp account i typed in the wrong destination tag please help to get my xrp back please


unforntuantly Mate…that’s it, it’s lost for ever! That’s the thing about Crypto addresses; You’ve gotta be 100% spot on or it’s gone.


No i got the destination tag correct as allways but my destination tag was wrong so that means its not lost do some research on it maybe lol

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I mean the address correct lol

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the destination tag is a integral part of the address! think of the address as the street name & destination tag as the house number…both need to be correct! I have researched & have lost tokens for this very reason!

Thats not true its not permanently lost there is a way to recover my xrp now im trying to reach out to the wirex support to help with this issue.

Hello Reg, I feel how unpleasant this situation is for you.

According to our records, our relevant team has contacted you via the ticket 1730415 and they are waiting for your response. Could you please check your mailbox and reply to the ticket?

Thank you in advance!


Nope ive checked i have not got a response yet

I checked mailbox and there is nothing there

Hello yup still nothing maybe you made mistake

Hello the i see my request has been closed and merged in 1730415 thats all it says in my email im confused i have not got any response to my issues regard my xrp please i need help as soon as possible ive waiting for days .

Dear Reg,

As I can see, you have replied to the ticket 1730415. Let me kindly inform you that I have resent our request via this ticket. Please, check your mailbox.
Once our relevant team receives the requested details, they will be able to assist you further.

Warm regards.

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Yes i sent info thanks


Hey mate just want to let you know that i got a email from wirex and it said they are recovering my funds so il have my xrp back real soon maybe u didnt understand me but anyway theres always away to recover your funds hope you understood cheers

You were lucky…very lucky! It was only because Wirex hadn’t sent out the tokens. Had they have sent it with a wrong address/destination tag it surely would’ve gone for good! Luck was on Your side today Reggie

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Na i dont think u understand but algood vertical lol

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Yeah na i dont think you understand clear mate what ive explained before is that if i put in the wrong destination tag not the address the destination tag then its possible to recover my funds but you said at start it wasnt possible lol

Dear Reg, thank you for your cooperation!

Please rest assured that our relevant team will contact you via the support ticket as soon as the issue is resolved for you.

Have a nice day!

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How you made it wrong ?

it’s irellevant. xrp is centralised so it can be recovered if it was send to a wrong contract