Your Christmas gift from Wirex & CardUp

Wish you could use your Wirex card for your bills as well as your Christmas shopping?

Thanks to CardUp, now you can! CardUp lets you pay for your large expenses like rent and insurance with card - and even rewards you for doing so.

To enable card payments in places that don’t normally allow them, CardUp charges a small processing fee. But guess what? Wirex cardholders get a discount! Here’s what you can get by signing up:

1. A processing fee of just 1.6% (compared to the usual 2.6%!) for a one-off payment, or the first payment of a recurring series (can be redeemed once per customer).

2. 2% Cryptoback™ rewards on every payment with a Wirex card via CardUp - no matter which price plan you’re on!

To claim yours, simply:

  1. Register for a CardUp account if you haven’t already.

  2. Make a payment with your Wirex card before 31 December.

  3. Make sure to enter the promo code WIREXCARDUP at checkout.

That’s it!

Sign up now

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