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I just received this notification.
Does that mean it’s the APR for the month of March?
Because if this is the case, when I calculate for the year, I am far from 2% (I am on a premium plan). Especially since it must be 4% …

I had 40k WTX after purchasing the subscription on the first day.
Do you also have this problem?

Thank you.

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Yes we don’t receive anythink!!! Be grateful you are only one that receive payment back from Wirex. (Another bug)

To believe that they did not test their reward …

It might be from the time they switched from btc to wxt rewards. Some rewards around that time got missed. I just received a similar payment. I don’t have the monthly interest so it’s not from that.

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Yeah, I believe it may be this…?

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Hi there @Hearlys , I am sorry to hear about the problems that you are facing. Can I know if you have raised a support ticket for this?

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Good evening, no I haven’t made a ticket yet.

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Hello there @Hearlys , sorry for the late reply. Are you able to please raise a ticket with the Support team?

Please follow the instructions:

  1. Click this link: Wirex. Crypto-Friendly Currency Account

  2. Choose your issue.

  3. Describe your issue

  4. Submit a request

Thank you

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No. 316815 385466
Wait, wait, wait, do you think I’ve been waiting for more than a month is the way? Do you think that after waiting for so long is the solution to the question? You might as well take the customer’s problem squarely! Unlock my wirex account now. I opened your wirexcard. How do you lock me for a long time. Do you feel that you are too much? And I’m talking about humans, and you post hidden my post. Do you think everything you’ve done is reasonable? ? ? ? ? ? To avoid customer problems is to make customers more and more angry :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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I couldn’t create a new topic (as I’m new on there) and so I tried to post my feedback on the post which is most related to my feedback.

I join the elite plan recently and I just realized there is Cryptoback limit on each month/transaction
(2,000WXT per transaction, 8,000WXT per month. I don’t have permission to post the fee limit link)
The logic of this limit is actually does not make sense. For example, if price of WXT down 50%, the rebate limit may also down for 50%.

I respect the rule of the max limit of reward although it’s not cool even I never see something like this. But at least the max transaction limit should change in term of fiat currency rather than WXT token.

Please let me know if my understanding is wrong here. Thanks everyone.

Hi @netbugs :wave:

Thanks for sharing your review. We appreciate it!

Regarding the limits, only Wirex can act on this. If a lot of customers are asking for more limits then I think they can increase them. On the other hand, before opening an account or taking out a subscription (X-Tras), it is imperative to be aware of the T&Cs.

About the X-Tras T&Cs, section 12, especially 12.4, here’s what we need to know:

Therefore, we need to know what we are doing.
Hope I answered your questions. If you have others, please let us know.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for your reply. Let me give you an extreme example.

I paid WXT29,999 (US$354, US$29.5 per month in average) for annual plan of elite membership.
Currently WXT8,000 is about US$94
What if WXT drop 80%, WXT8,000 may only got US$18.8. Which means reward may never commit the cost of membership.

And again, i’m not talking about rise or drop of pricing , but don’t you think it’s weird that the reward limit may depends pricing of WXT rather than fiat currency?

TBH the current limit is not attractive for me. .As you know, more crpyto debit/credit card are coming this year. WireX should refine the scheme and provide better offer to their customers.

I understand your point of view.

I advise you to share this with the Wirex team. Also, if you have any questions about WXT and the WXT Rewards, please send an email to with “WXT” in the subject line.

Thank you!

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No. 316815 385466
Extremely urgent!!!Pay my hard-earned money immediately. I have no reason to wait for you indefinitely. The money is not yours. can you hear me? .

Waiting more than 100day. A u feel crazy???:man_facepalming:

Speed ​​up and upgrade? ? ? Do you think what you have said for more than 3 months is trying to help customers? I can’t wait for you indefinitely. The hard-earned money is mine. As a customer, do I have the right to get it back? ? ? There is no reason why the money can not be raised. You are too good to be a guest for more than 3 months. You ignore me and wake up. Every time I finish speaking, you didn’t follow up and didn’t solve the problem. Is it useful to repeat the matter again? ? wirex ceo???

I have financial problems. Just die. . . . . . . Now you see me dead and don’t rescue me? ? ?
Wirex all staff Can you actually be human? .

I will die. I can’t wait for the money indefinitely. It has been more than three months and 100 days have passed. Take some humanity. Than return my hard-earned money.

No. 316815 385466🤦‍♂️

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