Your funds are safe with X-Accounts!

*Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

At Wirex, protecting your money is our top priority.

That’s why X-Accounts implement advanced security measures to ensure the maximum safety of your funds. Take a look for yourself.

Not only are they very secure, they also earn interest rates of up to 20% AER on selected currencies - that’s 100x the average rate!

Take control of your savings by creating up to 10 separate X-Accounts, and withdrawing your funds whenever you like, for free.

Open yours today and start saving with confidence!

How much can you earn in a year?

Want to know how much you can earn with X-Accounts?

We’ve done the maths for you! Check out our live calculator to find out exactly how much money you can make in different timeframes.

How to save with X-Accounts

Earn as you save in five simple steps.

  1. Sign in to Wirex (Please make sure you have the updated version of the app)

  2. Add funds to your account by linking your credit or debit card or transferring in from your external crypto wallet. If you already have funds and you want to see them grow in your Wirex wallet you can simply move them over to your X-accounts.

  3. Decide what you’re saving for, pick your currencies and open your X-Accounts in-app. Don’t forget to name them after whatever it is you’re saving for!

  4. Add funds to your X-Accounts

  5. We’ll do the rest - just sit back and watch your savings grow while earning up to 20% AER interest. Don’t worry! You can instantly withdraw your funds at any time at no extra cost.

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*X-Accounts are made up of cryptocurrencies. Subject to the T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Can anyone explain to me why it’s so hard to withdraw funds out of here


hi X-accounts is fully working on mine i can moved funds anytime. please check again sir :heart:

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Give me a break it’s not letting me withdraw


how does it goes can i see ?

also please create a ticket sir

Wirex submit request tab in my app won’t work. Withdraw won’t work. Only thing that worked right was the deposit. wirex appears to be a scam to me. They dont care enough to fix my problem. Feels like they want to keep my money

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Please explain why there is no easy way but a “community forum” to get any sort of technical help, such as a phone number or email address or live chat direct to WireX? You want us to entrust our bank account number with you but it’s also clear a lot of people have given bad reviews when I search google and Chad is only one of many. I am afraid to start an account because of you not having a direct live chat instead of this baloney with having to go to a community forum. Not good enough for banking, which is serious. I also would like to know how long it takes for a money transfer to get to someone from the US to the UK and if it can be from USD to GBP. I can’t follow by website without being able to talk on the phone and that’s not an option. I don’t want to talk about it in public but you’re forcing a public discussion instead of giving a way to talk on the phone, in live chat with support, or by prompt email reply – I have no idea how to write you. This does not feel safe.

Do I have to use crypto to send money to someone quickly? I have no interest in crypto.

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I’m also wondering if you are faster than the wires that normally take 3 days or not re USD to GBP.

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