Your June round-up: our latest news & updates

Summer is finally here! And it’s not just the weather that’s hotting up.

We’ve been firing on all cylinders here at Wirex. Last month we launched our groundbreaking new savings tool, X-Accounts, which lets you earn as much as 16% AER on select currencies. We know, you don’t come across rates like that very often!

Read on to find out more about X-Accounts, as well as everything else we’ve been up to over the past month.

Changing the savings game

We all know how tough saving can be - whether it’s for a new outfit or a new car.

X-Accounts recently launched in the Wirex app and they’re here to help you meet your savings goals even faster. These handy pots of money are named and managed by you, and let you earn industry-leading interest rates on your crypto and traditional currencies. Create up to 10 X-Accounts in-app and start earning 16% AER on their balances!

At Wirex, we’re all about bringing the benefits of DeFi to the masses. X-Accounts help us do just that - customers can benefit from higher rates without the expensive fees and complicated processes that often come with DeFi earning.

Saving with X-Accounts gives you complete control over your money, with instant access to your funds, no fees for withdrawals or account maintenance, plus no fixed term or minimum amount.

We’ve also teamed up with industry-leading asset custody firm Fireblocks to provide your funds with an additional layer of security. So, all you’ve got to do is sit back and watch your savings grow.

Would you own an NFT?

Everything from sports memorabilia to memes seem to have been given the NFT treatment lately. But how would you feel about owning one of your own?

Wirex’s Senior Marketing Project Manager, Marija Riba, shares her insights into why people buy NFTs, where they derive their value from and the role blockchain plays in protecting them against forgery.

If NFTs leave you scratching your head, you’ll want to give this a read.

Check it out here.

Getting creative with crypto

Last month, we challenged willing digital content creators to take part in Bank of Creativity’s One Minute Brief campaign and design us some creative ad content.

We asked creators to design digital posters demonstrating just how easy it is to spend crypto with Wirex.

We received some outstanding entries, but after much deliberation we managed to narrow it down to three worthy winners - congratulations to them all!

Find out more about the competition and view the inspired winning entries here.

NFTs all round

We always go pretty hard on WXT’s birthday, but this year we stepped it up another gear altogether. To celebrate our beloved Wirex Token turning two, we teamed up with Terra Virtua to give you the chance to win your very own vFlect NFT.

If you’ve never come across a vFlect before, they’re best described as digital robots which are each completely unique and can be owned as NFTs. We gave away 500 limited edition Wirex-branded vFlects - WireXX and WireXY - and you can find plenty more fascinating digital collectibles over on Terra Virtua’s marketplace.

If you fancy learning more about this intriguing concept, we recently chatted to Marketing Director at Terra Virtua, Pierre Dadd, about NFTs, DeFi and our new partnership.

Check out the Q&A here.


Hello all! Who owns some NFTs?

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I don’t receive any code((( why this Wirex NFT couldn’t be watched? I can’t found nothing in terra virtua. Reveal all 500 I’m curious to see it with reduced dimensions… why it is like ‘top secret’.

And for marketing important warnings use gain not pain)))